This may ZEE WORLD launches two exciting new series!

Zee World is set to premiere an emotional family drama called Aparajita on 19 May at 8pm daily.  The show follows the journey of Aparajita (played by Shweta Tiwari), a loving mother of three daughters, who is left to raise them alone after her husband Akshay (played by Manav Gohil) falls in love with Mohini Singh (played by Shweta Gulati) and abandons them.

Set in Noida, India, the story highlights the struggles of Aparajita and her daughters as they face societal scrutiny while trying to navigate life without their father. Meanwhile, Mohini is determined to destroy Aparajita’s reputation to prove that she was the better choice for Akshay.

The show boasts an ensemble cast of popular TV actors, including Shweta Tiwari, Manav Gohil, and Shweta Gulati.

In an interview with Biz Asia Times, producer Sukesh Motwani from Bodhi Tree Multimedia said, “We have spent a lot of time developing a very strong character in Aparajita who we hope will be a role model for scores of women. Through her journey, we want more and more women out there to realize they can bounce back from a debacle and face every curveball life may throw at them. The aspects of parenting that the show touches upon will resonate with every mother.”

“Main Hoon Aparajita” promises to be a heart-warming story of courage, self-respect, and resilience that viewers cannot afford to miss.

Over the last few years Zee World has emerged as a channel that brings its viewers stories that mirror their world, touch upon subjects close to their hearts and introduces them to characters whom they fall in love with. A mature romance, the show will introduce viewers to Mohan played by popular TV star Shabir Ahluwalia who once played Abhi in the popular series Twist of Fate is back on our screens and effortlessly charms the viewers in Radha Mohan.  While, men idolize him, women would swoon around this hero. The role of Radha is played by the talented actress Neeharika Roy.

The series follows Shabir who has lost his smile along the way.  A man whose mere presence would light up the room and lift spirits now seem to be weighed down by a burden of pain and regrets. In deep-seated awe of Mohan from her adolescent years, Radha, on the other hand, is a spiritual and optimistic woman, full of love and warmth.  With several intriguing layers and dimensions to its plot, Radha Mohan follows Radha’s journey of rekindling the lost spark in Mohan’s eyes and bringing back his smile.

In an interview done with India Times Shabir Ahluwalia said, “I have never shied away from taking on a different character. In fact, I am always excited and enthusiastic about such a role. My new show, Radha Mohan, is a fascinating story, very unique and full of twists and turns. I personally love the way Mohan’s character has been written. Mohan is a strong, well-defined yet challenging character with several different shades. He is quite different from what I have played on-screen before, so I am excited to see how the viewers respond to my new avatar. I am happy that we were able to give a small glimpse of our show to our media friends and the lovely people of Lucknow and their response was truly overwhelming.”

Catch Radha Mohan this May only on Zee World daily at 9pm


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