Black Tax episode 5 promises more humour and emotional thrills for the Dlamini’s

Johannesburg, 20 July – In this week’s instalment of Black Tax, tensions rise, secrets unravel, and unlikely alliances are formed, promising an enthralling experience for viewers nationwide.

A cold war ignites between Sihle and Tammy when Tammy’s personal choices strain their friendship. Tammy’s newfound freedom after an intimate encounter with her boyfriend triggers jealousy in Sihle. In a heartfelt conversation with Thuli, we uncover the underlying cause – Sihle’s fear of her mother’s warnings about the risks of early pregnancy and the weight of societal expectations.

As Thuli opens up about her own struggles rooted in Martha’s past religious teachings, a powerful moment unfolds. Thuli takes the bold step of releasing Sihle from her guilt, encouraging her to embrace her individuality and make choices without fear. Martha, in turn, finds her liberation as she sheds the burden of guilt from her own past, fostering a touching bond between mother and daughter.

However, not all is smooth sailing as Thuli grapples with unemployment. In a remarkable show of support, Martha decides to take action. Enter the exciting world of stokvels, as Martha takes charge and starts her own with the church ladies, revelling in the newfound sense of power over Lindi.

Don’t miss the third season of the riotously funny Black Tax, broadcast on BET (channel 129 on DStv) on Saturdays at 19h30, and also available on the DStv Now app and on DStv Catch Up.

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