BET Launches New Daily Music Culture Series "Beatz and Rhymes" Celebrating Black Excellence and African Pop Culture

Johannesburg, 24 AugustBET , the leading black entertainment platform, is thrilled to announce its latest segment, the captivating and inspiring daily pop culture music series “Beatz and Rhymes.” Set to premiere on September 4th at 15:30, this ground-breaking show promises to celebrate Black love, Black joy, Black power, and Black pride , while profiling accomplished personalities and trailblazers from various walks of life.

Hosted by the dynamic and talented Candice Modiselle, “Beatz and Rhymes” will run from Monday to Friday, with each episode delivering 44 minutes of engaging content that highlights the achievements and influences of remarkable personalities. From game-changers in their respective fields to rising stars and cultural icons, the show will provide an exclusive glimpse into their journeys and experiences. With a focus on fostering light-hearted and fun conversations, “Beatz and Rhymes” aims to connect viewers with a rich tapestry of stories that showcase the essence of Black excellence.

Candice Modiselle, the new face of BET and a proud addition to the Culture Squad, shared her excitement about the show, “I am honoured to be a part of ‘Beatz and Rhymes,’ a platform that will amplify the voices of incredible individuals who are shaping our world. This show is a celebration of our heritage, our achievements, and our boundless potential. I invite all viewers to tune in and join us on this remarkable journey of discovery and inspiration.”

“Beatz and Rhymes” will present a diverse range of themes throughout the week: 

*Monday – In Their Bag: Discover the game-changers who are redefining excellence in their fields, and gain insight into their journey to success.

*Tuesday – Review the Gram: Explore the Instagram pages of guests and celebrities as they explain their posts, providing an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into their lives.

*Wednesday – Mjolo Reflections: Engage in candid discussions about Black love, relationships, and personal confessions, while encouraging viewer participation through digital platforms.

*Thursday – The Rewind: Take a nostalgic trip back in time with a look at yesteryears’ hits, iconic moments, and classic fashion trends, featuring stars from the past.

*Friday – Get Funky Fridays: Kickstart your weekend with a compilation of the hottest tracks, album reviews, and updates from the world of music, ensuring viewers stay connected to the pulse of the industry.

“Beatz and Rhymes” is a powerful testament to BET’s commitment to celebrating Black culture, showcasing excellence, and inspiring audiences worldwide. Mark your calendars for September 4th at 15:30 and join Candice Modiselle on this extraordinary journey of music, conversation, and inspiration.